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Writing your vows can be a daunting process – but it does not have to be.

The most unique element of writing personal vows is that they are exactly that; personal. There is no secret formula.

They can be as simple, fun, sentimental or as outlandish as you please. They can be shared with your guests on your wedding day or in a private setting with your beloved.

If you are still unsure and need a little guidance - see below.


First Look

In a non-traditional ceremony, you can opt to seeing your partner for the very first time in a private setting. Here, you can both take a moment to really experience the significance of the day and also read your vows together for the first time, privately (or with your videographer of course - capturing every moment is essential!)



As mentioned, there is NO secret formula but for all my couples that really need that extra push – I offer this advice.
Focus on the past, present & future.
For example:
Past: We have shared so many countless memories together over the years. From our trips overseas, to our fur babies – every moment leading up to this moment has been magical.
Present: You are my best friend, my life partner and I am so honoured to be standing with you today. Everything that we have overcome together has brought us to this very moment. I am lucky to love you.
Future: I promise to continue to cherish you, to respect you and to be loyal to you for the rest of our lives; come what may. I promise to be there when you need me and to forever laugh together until we are grey and old. I love you.



For our traditional couples, your vows can be read aloud in front of your family and friends. It immerses those you love in the experience and being such a special and intimate moment it will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.


Prompts to help you get started

  • How I felt when we first met

  • How I knew it was forever

  • What I love about my partner

  • What my partner loves about me 

  • What makes us laugh/tick

  • What I see in our future

  • How I will help us get there

  • Five things I promise/vow

Vow examples here



Do you have absolutely no idea what you want in a wedding ceremony?

Well, that is what I am here for.

Here are some great examples of 'rituals' that you can include to make your day unique and special to you. 


Petal throwing

Started by the Medieval Italians, ‘confetti’ (or sugared almonds) were thrown at the newly married couple during processionals, parades and carnivals to signify fertility and prosperity. Over the years, this has evolved with the most popular of all – rose petals. Arguably the most romantic flower, the tradition not only has historical significance but also looks STUNNING in photos. Other options include paper confetti, rice or birdseed.



Definitely a very important part of the day – you can opt to outsource your entertainment (think violins, a singer, piano…the opportunities are endless & I have some amazing contacts, should you need them) or you can make total use of my PA system and I can organise the music for you –my Spotify playlist is here. Another beautiful way to incorporate an important person in your wedding is to have them control the music.


Walk the aisle together & more!

For our non-traditional couples, this can be a beautiful moment to share together as you walk down the aisle hand in hand! This makes for a very fun and relaxed entrance as all your guests cheer you on. Another great option is to each have your own individual entrance. This will guarantee to relieve a few of the nerves. A processional can be as traditional or as modern as you like; you can even have your wedding party seated or even have them mingle at the beginning of the ceremony, opposed to have them walking down the aisle. This is your day and it should be as you dreamed it would be.


In Memoriam

Do you have loved ones that have passed that you would still like to acknowledge and include in your wedding ceremony? Consider lit candles (venue permitting), acknowledgement in the ceremony speech, a credit in your vows or even chairs left empty to signify their spiritual attendance.


Order of service booklets

If you would like your guests to follow along to the ceremony, you can absolutely have booklets made. Feel free to ask me and I can send over some vendor recommendations that can design and print these for you. Please note that this is not included as part of my service and will be of extra cost to you.


Hire an Artist

Capture a timeless moment by having an artist sketch the moment in real time. Another beautiful incorporation is to have the artist add in a passed loved one – as if they were physically there to witness the most important day of your lives.


Special Ring Delivery

Traditionally, the Best Man has the rings ready to hand to the couple – however, consider any Page Boys or Flower Girls (or even pets!) to bring them to you or even a parent or grandparent! Giving someone special in your life an important task will become a core memory for all of you to reminisce together.


Signing of the Marriage Certificate

If you feel that the signing of the marriage certificate can feel a little formal or will take away from
your moment, we can absolutely organise this after the ceremony for you, in a private setting. The
singing must legally take place after the Declaration ("I now pronounce you.." however - as long as the
documents are signed on the day, after this moment, then the opportunities are bountiful.


Fur Babies

If you have a pet that is literally a member of the family, then consider them to be your ring bearer or
even to just walk down the aisle with you! Whether they make an appearance or are just there as part
of your day alongside family and friends, it is something very special to think about. Ask me for
recommendations of outsourced companies that can take care of your pets for you on the day (some
even deck them out in special outfits!).


Family blessing

To signify the joining of two families whilst also accepting the blessing of your family/parents/guardians – this can be a very honourable moment. I can ask them to verbalise their
blessing by standing and speaking in front of all your guests.


Wedding Time Capsule

Have a nominated area where each of your guests can write a handwritten note and place it into the
capsule – to be opened years later. Memories that last a lifetime.


Cultural, religious, and spiritual rituals

Despite being a civil ceremony, we can absolutely incorporate any cultural, religious or spiritual
rituals. Whether it is something close to your heart or to honour family; the options are limitless.
Examples here.



Include your family or friends in your ceremony by having them read an excerpt of any poem, traditional reading, lyrics or even something they wrote. Another option is to have nominated guests
stand in their seats and say a few words. Refer to Readings link here. 

Under the Marriage Act 1961, I am also required to send you the following supplied by the Australian Government:

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